Free E-Design

I love interior design so much that I want to do it for everyone or anyone! If you have a space that you would like some help with, please reach out and I’ll help you with whatever you need. For example, maybe the floor plan is tricky and you can’t seem to figure out how to lay out the furniture or you just need help picking the perfect colors for your house. I’m also happy to help with a full redesign OR just a quick refresh if your room needs updated. Whatever your design need, I’ll be happy help!


What is E- Design?
E-Design is where you work with a designer over the web. The designer can address space planning, color choices, furniture and decor, lighting, basic millwork, and fabric/material selection. The goal of E-Design is to make your room as beautiful and functional as possible. The designer will provide you with the plan and you implement it.

Why would E-Design be helpful?
E-Design will create a cohesive plan for your space with specific suggestions that you can implement as the homeowner or renter. For this reason, E-Design cost significantly less than working with an interior designer in the typical fashion. E-Design usually costs $300-$1000 per room whereas an interior designer charges significantly more (an average rate is $150/hour). You are saving money because you are only paying for the design and not the shopping, ordering, scheduling, and coordination of services.

Am I a good client for E-Design?
E-Design is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a well-designed room but hopes to save money by doing some things themself. My goal is to make the process super simple and give you the plan to make your room awesome. E-Design can be used for a complete room make-over, a room update, space planning or just helping you pick the right colors, fabrics, or wallpaper.

Uh, What about the budget?
The word budget can create instant tension. I want to relieve you of those anxieties! E-Design is great for any budget, even minimal ones. I would even argue that for modest budgets, e-design is your best choice. It’s significantly cheaper than having a full-service designer, which will give you more money to spend on your house.

Is this really free? Are you for real?
Yes! This is really free. It’s free because I want to gain valuable experience by working with clients on their real life design problems. You are never under any obligation to purchase anything from me, ever! I just really want to help people with their interiors and use my passion.

How Does the Process Work?

1. Questionnaire & Pinterest: Complete the questionnaire linked at the bottom of this post. This is going to ask some basic questions about what you want to accomplish in the room, how the room is used, and your preferences. I’ll also ask that you start pinning rooms, designs, furniture, finishes, or any photo that inspires you to a shared Pinterest board. Lastly, you’ll send me pictures and measurements of your room. Don’t worry, I’ll provide guidance on how to do all this after I review your questionnaire.
2. Web/Phone Consult: We’ll schedule and complete a web consult. This is where I’ll gather more information and we’ll start planning your room.
3. Design Plan Proposal: We’ll meet once again over the web to review three design concepts and finalize the design direction.
4. Finalized Design Plan: I will put together your final design plan. This will include a design board, a floor plan with the furniture arrangement, a shopping list of the key design items and an elevation or rendering representing your new room.
5. Final Consult: After the final design plan is completed, feel free to email me for any clarifications regarding the design plan.

What will I get at the end of the E-Design?

  1. A final concept board
  2. A design board
  3. The floor plan/layout
  4. An elevation or rendering representation of your space
  5. A list of finishes, including coordinating paints and fabrics
  6. A shopping list of main items

If interested, please complete the questionnaire and I’ll be in contact.

I look forward to helping make your home beautiful!