Round-Up: BURRYCO Dresses & Stud Earrings

I’m baaaaack. Every couple of months I need some downtime where I don’t worry about blog content and I just work my regular full-time job and live life. It’s a nice reset and I always come back excited and ready. So, please forgive my occasional disappearance. The last couple of weeks I’ve been enjoying the beautiful midwest spring (which took a 180-degree turn this week when it snowed for two days–oye!).

I wanted to come back with a fun post about things that make me happy. The first is a brand I found a couple of years ago–BURRYCO. Their dresses are so cute and, sometimes, pure craziness. I like them because they feel happy, bold and each piece has a personality. The dresses are reasonably priced (usually between $150-$200), but here is the bummer – I have no idea where these pieces are sold. I always find them on RueLaLa or Overstock. I tried to get to the bottom of it this week and went searching, but I couldn’t find anything. They don’t have a website and they may have a Facebook that is barely functioning (it looks super suspect). Since they don’t have a presence online and are not carried in any stores, tracking down their products is hard. Nevertheless, their dresses are cute and feel completely unique.

1- Midi Blue Stripped Dress| 2-Flower Mini Dress | 3- Red A-Line Dress

I pulled together a couple of my favorites ones right now. I can’t get enough of this blue and white striped dress with embroidered sleeves. I’m not sure what is on the sleeves- maybe birds. It feels summery and reminds me of this dress by Stella Jean. That flower mini dress feels so in right now (can anyone say grandmillenial?) and that red one looks perfect for a day at the office. They also make this colorful Morroco-inspired dress (#4), which seems perfect for traveling, and that pineapple dress (#5) screams vacation. Lastly, I can’t get over #6. It looks like a tweed or other thick fabric that would be perfect for working at an office during the winter.

4- A-Line Dress | 5- Maxi Pineapple Dress | 6- Pink Short Dress

We’ll start my next “happy” list with a fun fact! I’ve had to re-pierce my ears 4 or 5 times since I’ve been an adult. If I don’t have earrings in all.the.time, my holes will close within 3-4 weeks. To keep these babies open, I’ve been wearing small ball studs for a year now and I’m getting a little bored. I started searching for other options and found so many cute ones.

1- Pink Flower Stud 2- Gold Flower Stud 3- Tulip Stud 4-Flamingo Stud 5- Rainbow Stud 6- Ice Cream Stud

I particularly love the Kate Spade flower earrings (#1) and Kendra Scott floral geometric studs (#2). The Flamingos (#4) are small and discreet but add color and personality. The Tulips (#3), rainbows (#5), and ice cream cones (#6) are perfect for summer. I’ve already purchased several pairs and I have to say they make me smile.

That’s it for today! See you next week!

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