April Links

Make Life Beautiful with Paula Sutton: Reading this interview with Paula Sutton was a delight. She is so conversational, warm and friendly. I absolutely loved her advice to let your personality shine in your designs. Isn’t that what makes design so fun? Read about Paula’s adventures at her blog, Hill House Vintage.

Glitterbomb Trap Catches Phone Scammers: Ever wonder who’s behind all those scam calls? Check out this video. You’ll see how modern-day scammers are convincing people to send thousands of dollars to them and how their operations work. It’s fascinating AND disgusting at the same time. If anything, this video should be a public service announcement and is a good resource to share with vulnerable populations (and it’s very entertaining). Also, you get a little bit of satisfaction when some of those individuals are caught.

Tina (HBO Documentary): I’m embarrassed to admit I knew very little of Tina Turner’s history before this documentary. Her story has some highs and lows, but what caught my attention is Tina’s ability to keep going and preserving. The pinnacle of Tina’s career was in her mid 40’s, after a messy divorce where her husband retained basically all the rights (and money) to her original content. This documentary serves as her swan song and it’s a beautiful goodbye.

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