When Things Change: Modifying the Design Plan

My bedroom re-do has stalled. While talking to my husband about purchasing a new bed, he requested, you know like a normal human, to see the new bed. The minute he saw it, he scrunched up his nose and said no.

I really thought he was joking, but after a couple of minutes I realized how series he was. I had a few alternative beds in mind and showed him those. He liked a couple of them better. Yet, there was a problem. I didn’t measure any of the other beds to make sure they would fit or ensure the mattress would be the appropriate height. Alright…let’s break out the measuring tape.

1 – Woven Bed 2 – Cane Bed 3- Iron Bed 4- Gray Wash 5- Upholstered 6- Four Poster

Not long after the bed discussion, I received the rug sample. The rug is beautiful. The colors and pattern are perfect, but the texture is not right for the bedroom. It feels too rough for the space. Both my husband and son said they would not want to get out of bed and step on it. Point taken.

I started playing around with the design board and I came up with some alternatives. But none of the rugs really spoke to me or felt “right.” The bedroom has carpet and we eventually plan to replace it with…more carpet, so I don’t think a rug is necessary. I’ve decided to eliminate the rug for the time being. After the room is put together, it may become clear that a rug is needed…but I’m not going to force it. I’ll know when I find the right one. I removed the rug from the new design boards and everything still feels cohesive.

Jer and I then narrowed down the design to three beds and, surprise, the original bed is still a contender. I really struggled to make a decision and Jer felt bad for me and said I should just get it if that’s really what I want. I haven’t ordered the bed though because I want Jeremy to be happy and I started second guessing myself.

Option 1

Option 1 is the original design and I still like it very much. My only concern is that the wood on the bed will read too gray and feel out of place in the room.

Option 2

Option 2 is Jer’s favorite. This bed is a warm wood, so the room will be pretty well balanced. I like this bed, but the headboard’s height is shorter than Option 1. For most mattress it may not matter, but since ours is super tall I’m afraid the headboard will look dinky.

Ah, option number 3. The one my husband never asked for and surely doesn’t want. I really like the bed and like that it’s metal and upholstered versus wood. It will compliment the oil rubbed bronze light fixtures and hardware that’s in the room. I like it, clearly, but my husband worries that the bed isn’t very sturdy.

I’m still waiting on a few of the other things to be restocked (nightstands, wicker table, chair). It seems that everyday I wait to make a decision, the more likely it is to be sold out and not available. I better make up my mind soon.

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