Color Trend 2021: Yellow?

I saw this gorgeous yellow entry on Pinterest weeks, maybe months, ago and I can’t stop thinking about it, which surprises me because I rarely consider yellow when painting or designing any room. It’s no secrete that I prefer warm whites to cool whites and lean more beige than gray, but I usually try to avoid going too yellow.

Source: Pinterest | If you know the designer/Photographer, please reach out!

I then remembered Chris Loves Julia’s gorgeous yellow playroom. Perhaps yellow is coming back as a color trend?

Source: Chris Loves Julia

I started digging and searching for other yellow rooms I liked. To be honest, I didn’t see a lot of great stuff at first. Many of the photos used yellow in a bright, almost electric, shade that was often a stark contrast to the general color scheme of the room. But after some searching, I started to see other rooms that I liked. For example, look at this adorable little office. Doesn’t it make you feel cheerful?

The rooms I liked best had muted or pale yellows and a generous amounts of white. This combination makes the rooms feel happy, sunny and welcoming. That’s not to imply that other colors can’t be involved. The living room below does a great job of mixing colors. The blue and yellow feel like they are in the same family of brightness and compliment one another instead of contrast each other.

As you can see yellow and blue is a popular combination and I am here for it! I am also loving the skirted chair covers below. The skirts are simple and straight which gives them a more modern look.

Source: Siena Custom Builders via Houzz
Source: Photo by Werner Straube via Houzz

I like the color combination of this bedroom. It’s mostly yellow with some green and white. There are a lot of elements that aren’t necessarily me in the room, but the color scheme is good.

Source: Uncredited via Houzz

I even found a couple of kitchens with yellow cabinets that make me happy. Much like the bedroom, some of the design choices (lights/furniture/accessories) are not my style, but the room’s foundation feels good. I’m particularly smitten by the first kitchen. It feels impossible to cook in that room and not feel happy.

Source: Adeeni Design Group via Houzz
Source: Asher Slaunwhite Architects via Houzz

What do you think? Do you love yellow?

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