A Couple of Updates


Eek. The floors in the dining and living rooms are fully installed.

They look beautiful and make me so happy. Please excuse my crappy phone pictures.

There are still a million things left to do (painting baseboards, installing baseboards and quarter round, filling nail holes, touching up the painting and, oh yeah, completing the board and batten in the dining room). I’m going to stop being so optimistic about finishing ANYTHING in the next week. Because, ha!, life just takes over and everything takes longer than I think. So, maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll have more exciting (and better shot) photos.

A New Mattress

We ordered a new mattress!!!!!!!!!! I know that’s a lot of exclamation points, but my excitement could fill up about three full lines. We’ve been talking about replacing our mattress for years. How long you may ask? Well back in 2015 we moved to a different state and got rid of our mattress (that mattress was ~12 years old). When I landed in our new home state, I ran to Ikea and purchased a cheap queen mattress (this is the one). The idea was that we would quickly replace this mattress with a more substantial one and we could put the Ikea mattress in a guest room.

Yet, somehow, here we are almost 6 years later and we are still rocking that Ikea mattress. To be fair, I sleep just fine. But it’s sooo low to the ground. There is no box spring as I was trying to be cool by getting a platform bed. I’ve been talking about getting a foundation for a couple of years but my husband always talks about his dislike for the mattress. His hatred was strong since day 1 of sleeping in it. However, it wasn’t as strong as his desire to save money (his frugalness has some legendary moments in our marriage).

So, how did it finally happen? Well, I have to tell you something that will let the whole internet know how boring I am. On Sunday afternoons, I will occasionally sit down and watch QVC. Yes, the QVC that grandma’s enjoy watching. To be fair, my relationship with QVC deserves it’s own post and is way less about shopping than you might imagine. Anyway, so I was watching QVC (In the Kitchen with David) and the special value of the day was a mattress. My husband was closely watching the television during that segment and he said, “oh, they almost had me. I was so close to buying it.” My ears perked up because Jer rarely shows interest in buying anything.

I probed him, “Oh? Why don’t you like it?”

He didn’t like that it was treated with something to prevent microbial growth. He fairly argued that he doesn’t want to spend 8 hours sleeping on, I’m assuming, a chemical that we consumers don’t know much about. (FYI: The company reports the technology is safe and sustainable). After a couple of googles, I showed him the same brand of mattress that didn’t have that treatment. It was also on sale. He said order it and so we did. Is that a boring story? I don’t know but it seems on brand that my stories would be boring.

I don’t have any pictures because delivery is in 4-8 weeks because “this item is made to order”. Whhaaattt? I guess I’ll show you in 4-8 weeks how happy I am to have a new bed.

The Time of Year I want to Throw Everything Away

Am I the only one who gets real decisive about throwing things away in January? Lego left on the ground after I gave the warning that I am vacuuming? Ooops there it goes. Not going to worry about it. Oh, this large box of icy-hot patches that no one likes or uses? BYE! This random plastic thing that I keep seeing all over the house. I have no idea what it is and nobody seems to care about it? Trash time. A toy that I generally despise and my son doesn’t really care about? You’re going to the donation box to annoy another parent.

I’m generally the complete opposite of this and my brain is full of thoughts like, “OMG we are going to need that plastic piece and it could potentially save us from buying some essential item.” But January gives me the permission to eliminate all the stuff that drives me crazy in the house. My brain turns off the “what if we need this stuff” thoughts and I become a clutter clearing terminator. Instead of guns and weapons, I have vacuums and trash bags. It’s a scary sight.

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