Merry Christmas & 2020 Favorite (new-to-me) Instagram Accounts

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope your holiday is filled with smiles, laughter and memories. I thought that I would share some of my new favorite Interior Design Instagram accounts. Each of these accounts bring a smile to face and I hope it does for you too!

Favorite (new-to-me) Instagram Accounts

Source: Design Addict Mom

Design Addict Mom : Every room in Stacey-Ann’s house is bright and happy. Her use of color is inspiring and her artwork is on point.

Source: Jeweled Interiors

Jeweled Interiors: Jewel REALLY goes for her designs. She takes big risks and the rooms always come out looking great! She’s a DIYer, which makes the rooms even more impressive. Also, the attention to detail shouldn’t be overlooked!

Source: This House 5000

This House 5000: I just adore Elena. Her personality, humor and honesty is great. I also love how she incorporates her husband into her Instagram. Her designs are modern and generally neutral. I love her DIYness and spirit. I feel like she is one to watch and I think we can expect REALLY big things from her in the future.

Source: MH Designs

Maddie Hughes Design: Maddie has a classic/traditional style but she tends to incorporate at least one modern element (Look at that crib!).

Source: Edith Duncan Design

Edith-Ann Duncan Design: Bold or neutral, she can do it all. She has a playful interpretation of a traditional home. It feels updated and fresh but classic at the same time.

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