Stocking Stuffers – An Easy Formula

Remember last year when I told you I’m terrible at stockings? I, seriously, always wait until the last minute and they always feels like an after thought. Last year, I took my own advice and ordered items early and made the gifts more intentional. When I started to think about the stockings this year, I had an epiphany — I should just create a little formula to follow every year. This is what my parents did growing up and I always loved it. I kind of knew what was going to be in the stocking, but I was excited to see what version of a CD, tooth brush and toy they picked out for me.

This is not ground breaking, but here is my simple formula: Socks, Candy Cane of Candy, Tooth Care Item, Book, Cards/Card Game and a Treat. Below is what I’m planning for our family stockings. Do you have a formula? If so, please tell me. I’m always open to switching things up.

  1. Mom’s Socks
  2. Dad’s Socks
  3. B’s Socks
  4. M&M Candy Cane (for Mom and B)
  5. Butterfinger Candy Cane (Dad)
  6. Tooth brush Replacement Head
  7. Book: What It’s Like to Be a Bird
  8. Book: Humble Pi
  9. Book: The Bad Guys
  10. Celebrate Table Topics
  11. Kids Against Maturity
  12. Pokemon Cards
  13. Strawberry Sugar Wafer Cookies
  14. Beef Jerky
  15. Chocolate Santa

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