2020 Gift Guides

This year has been tough. The pandemic, a crazy election cycle and all the personal struggles that come along with quarantining for 9+ months has worn on me. Despite feeling rather “meh” about the holidays, I’m trying to infusion the season with the typical joy and magic. It’s different this year, but different isn’t always bad.

All of that to say I put together the 2020 gift guides and I’m so excited about them. I know that the people in my life would love these gifts and I think they would definitely bring joy to one of your family members, too.

Girls’ Gift Guide

I don’t have a daughter, so putting together a girls’ gift guide felt a little odd at first, but, luckily, I have nieces to help me. I paid attention to the things they like and tried to remember my own girlhood for ideas.

  1. Loopdedoo $32.48: This is a friendship bracelet making kit and tool. I loved friendship bracelets as a girl, and it appears that girls are still into this.
  2. Mini Electric Sewing Machine $36.99: The pandemic is a perfect opportunity to learn a new skill and I thought a sewing machine would be a great gift. It can provide endless opportunities for projects.
  3. Dual Tipped Markers $15.99: My nieces love to draw and color, so this seemed like a perfect gift for them. I, as a mid thirties woman, am obsessed with office supplies, too and also secretly want these.
  4. Tie Dye Kit $25.00: I can’t believe how popular tie dye is again….but here we are with the younger generations embracing it. I remember tie dying shirts with my mom as a girl and it’s something I’ve never forgotten. Hopefully this kit will create equally fond memories.
  5. Martha Stewart’s Crafts for Kids $17.69: A book to spark creativity and keep kids busy.
  6. Glittery Key Chain $12.98: Who doesn’t love a little personalization?
  7. Tie Dye Hoodie $17.88: As I already mentioned, tie dye is popular again AND my niece likes oversized hoodies…so if I order this a size or two larger, I’m sure she’ll love it.
  8. Off-Brand Go Pro Kid’s Camera $37.97: I feel like every kid I talk to mentions that they want to have a YouTube Channel. I know some parents roll their eyes at this, but I embrace it! I’m excited to see kids want to do something and put in the work to learn how to create, shoot and edit videos. I think this little camera could help draw out their creativity.
  9. The Girl’s Doodle Book $11.18: Who doesn’t like to doodle? This book has half drawn scenes with prompts to help the kid complete the picture. It leaves enough room for creativity but gives them a place to start.
  10. A Soft Cover Notebook $7.95: When I was a girl, I had about 1 million notebooks. I was far too shy to keep a diary and would have been mortified if anyone read it. However, I still had journals that I would doodle in, make lists and write down general ideas. I still do this and I feel very strongly about having a soft and flexible cover.
  11. Backpack Purse for Girls $21.99: This brought me back to the mid 90’s when backpack purses were very cool. I remember when I finally got one and I felt like I had made it (made it where? who knows but it felt cool).
  12. Lanyard $10.97: This lanyard comes in lots of different colors/patterns. These days lanyards seem even more practical for kids as a way to keep them from losing their mask.
  13. Lady Bug earrings $12.99: I have no idea if lady bugs are hip any more. They had a moment when I was a kid. I thought the earrings were adorable and I know that my nieces would like them.

Boys’ Gift Guide

I realized while putting together these gift guides that the girls and boys gifts are actually the same. I considered combing them into a general kid’s gift guide, but I decided not to because when I have a hard time thinking of a gift idea I google very specific information (gift ideas for 10 year old girl). So any item on this list can be applied to a girl and the girls list could easily translate to boys, too.

  1. Paper Airplane Kit $14.95: My son is obsessed with making paper airplanes. He happily folds them while waiting for the bus at school and will share them with his friends. He only knows one or two patterns, so this kit would increase his options.
  2. Electronic Snap Circuits $74.99: Over the summer, we purchased a science and engineering activity book. After completing some of the projects, we found that our son really liked the electronic-related ones. We thought this kit would expand the different type of projects he could do.
  3. Gem Dig Kit $17.99: We’ve had about 5 of these kits and my son loves them. Warning – It is messy, but put down some newspaper and have a vacuum ready and it won’t be too bad.
  4. Mini Drone For Kids $29.99: My son has been asking for a drone. I have no idea why, but he and my husband both seem interested in flying one of these things around.
  5. Origami for Beginners $16.14: Origami can be difficult and I tried to do one by watching YouTube. Um, embarrassingly, it was too hard for me and I gave up. So I thought this book would be a nice introduction to some of the basic origami techniques. I think it will also help with focus.
  6. Sticks and Stones $17.95: The subtitle is a A Kid’s Guide to Building and Exploring In The Great Outdoors. My son built a “camp” outside earlier this summer with some friends and he loved it. It was a few sticks and stones but it unlocked so much imagination. I think this book, with it’s series of little projects will keep him busy and continue to use his imagination.
  7. Minecraft Key Chain $7.99: My son is obsessed with Minecraft, so I know he’ll love this little key chain.
  8. K’nex Value Building Set $32.38: My son spends hours creating completely unique things with his K’nex. He got one or two kits last year to build specific things (i.e. ferris wheel). That was fun, but he preferred to make up his own things.
  9. Walkie-Talkies $21.99: My son feels like a spy when we use these. He loves it and I love it.
  10. Elmer’s Slim Kit $21.97: I don’t know if the slime phase is over for other kids, but my son is still into it. He got tired of making my “boring” slime and wanted to put other things in it. This little kit has everything you need, including some extra fun things to make the slime special.
  11. Minecraft Legos $63.99: Legos are a natural choice for most kids. This Minecraft one is fun!
  12. Slippers $27.96: Bootie slippers seem to be a big hit with my son. These Land Ends slippers are soft and look super warm!

Men’s Gift Guide

  1. Suede Leather and Flannel Slippers $27.47**SALE: These slippers are both cozy and cute!
  2. Brain Teasers Kit $19.99: This comes with three brain teaser puzzles. My husband kept these on his desk at work and fiddled with them when he needed a minute to think.
  3. Banana Republic Zip Up Cardigan $119.00 : Zip up cardigans seem to be my husband’s thing. I guess they have the ease of the zipper but a look that is professional enough for an office meeting.
  4. Nautica Leather Wallet $19.75 **SALE: My husband has owned this wallet five times or more. It’s simple and classic.
  5. LL Bean Pocket Knife $23.95 : I never really understood why men carried pocket knives, but my husband recently stated carrying one and it has been incredibly handy. My husband stresses that you must buy a good quality knife (he thinks this boy scouts one is good, too!).
  6. Patagonia Fleece Vest $79: My husband recently moved into the fleece vest stage of life and I’m here for it ( I, myself, love a good vest). You can’t go wrong with this one.
  7. Robinson Crusoe Board Game $48.13: In the last couple of years, our family has discovered cooperative board games (where you work together to win instead of against each other). This is one of our favorites.
  8. Land’s End Leather Belt $22.47***SALE: This belt is classic and versatile. It’s available in black or brown. It would make a great gift for the guy who is all about function.
  9. Ermenegildo Zegna Sunglasses $210: These sunglasses are cool but don’t scream, “look at me.”
  10. Wool Smartphone Gloves $34.50**SALE: We can never seem to keep gloves for more than a couple of years. These look stylish, warm and your husband can still play Among Us when wearing them.
  11. Leather Messenger Bag $89.99: I bought this bag for my husband years ago and it still looks awesome! It has plenty of storage and a laptop pocket. It is perfect for a business trip or just every day use.
  12. Dilbert Page-A-Day Calendar $14.39: If your husband works in an office in any capacity, he’ll probably enjoy this Dilbert Calendar and the relatable scenarios.
  13. Bucket Bag $8.97: This is one of the most functional gift’s I’ve ever given my husband. If your guy does DIY projects around the house, he’ll appreciate the ease of throwing what he needs in this bucket and toting it to his project.

Women’s Gift Guide

  1. Sleek Watering Can $29.99: Christmas is an opportunity to get someone something they may not usually purchase for themselves. I have a very functional watering can, but it’s definitely not as pretty as this one. I’m sure any gardener would appreciate this beauty.
  2. Blanket Scarf $15.89: These were all the rage years ago, but I am still into them. I am into every single color. I could get one for the next 10 years and be happy. They are so, so, so functional. I use them as a blanket in the office, I throw them on a chair and sometimes I actually wear them as a scarf.
  3. Soft Pajamas $25.00: I usually wear nightgowns to bed, because it’s super easy and comfy. However, I hate being cold in the winter and this pajama set from Target both looks super cute and is reportedly extremely soft/comfy. Sign me up.
  4. Rattan Book $49.99: I made a decision earlier this year to expand my book collection related to interior design. I have slowly started purchasing more books, but this one caught my eye. I am obsessed with Rattan and I have never meant a rattan product that I didn’t love. So, I can’t wait to dig into this book and not only ogle the beautiful pictures but learn more about my favorite material.
  5. Zip Up Cardigan $57.40: This cardigan looks high end. It reminds me of something Tory Burch would design…so I’m into it.
  6. Opal Necklace $34+: This dainty necklace is my jam.
  7. Live Bonsai Tree $41.99**SALE: Plants add life to any space and the bonsai tree would add an interesting and natural shape to any room.
  8. Bird House $35: This bird house is too stinking cute!
  9. Woven Baskets $88+: Baskets and trays are my love language. These black ones come in two different sizes and I can imagine them in every room of the house.
  10. Tory Burch Oversized Round Sunglasses $197: These adorable sunglasses have a classic shape, but the subtle two-toned detail makes them feel special.
  11. Dooney & Bourke Leather Handbag $298.50**Sale: I own this handbag and the leather is buttery soft, the hardware is substantial and the size is great. It’s a great quality handbag but doesn’t cost a $1000.
  12. H&H Science Peel Kit $84.00: Full disclosure– this brand is owned by my dermatologist. So many of her products are wonderful, but this peel kit is my favorite so far. If you struggle with oily skin or adult acne, start using this kit every other night and you’ll see a difference.
  13. Hummingbird Drop Earrings $44: These bird earrings make me happy. I think we should all find something in our wardrobe that brings pure joy when we wear them. I think these earrings are my joy.

I’ll come back later with my formula for stockings. What is on your wish list this year?

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