I Like Plaid, Just Like your High School Boyfriend

Did you see the meme going around a couple of months ago about your high school boyfriend’s comforter?


Of course, it’s totally true. Most guys I remember in high school either had plaid bedding or some other geometric pattern. This is probably an unpopular opinion based on reading the responses to the meme, but I really like plaid bedding! To make it feel a little less “high school boyfriend-ish” you just need to add patterned sheets and other blankets/pillows to break up the pattern and add some interest. Pottery Barn does a great job of styling it to make it look fresh.

Source: Pottery Barn Kids
Source: Pottery Barn

They do such a good job, I’m considering just having a plaid Christmas duvet cover. Right now our duvet cover is white and it feels blindingly bright in the midst of winter. The bedroom is pretty neutral, so the room could use some personality. As a lover of plaid, it felt like a great option. So I started hunting around the internet and I’ve found so many cute options!

I ended up ordering #11. It has a subtle pattern, but I think it will be nice addition for right now. I am totally onboard with ordering a bolder pattern down the road. Christmas bedding 2021?

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