Random Updates & The Next Project

I though I would do something a little different – a more casual post on a couple of updates.

We finished the outer frame on the XL artwork project ages ago. Writing up the DIY post has been, well, very slow. The more time that goes by the less I remember about the actual project and I realized I didn’t take a lot of pictures. I’m still getting use to this whole documenting process…so sometimes I’m so wrapped up in the project that I forget to take pictures. I am going to try to finish it soon and post it, but here is what the finished project looks like.

Remember my cute little desk I was re-doing? Well after I could no longer use a sander, the project halted and my husband wanted the garage to be functional again, so he moved the desk to a corner and that is where it has sat for the last several months. The desk is so close to being finished and I know exactly where I want to put it. I think I’ll have to wait until next spring to dig it out and finish it, but that’s okay because I still need to think about what to do with a couple of things (like the top that has a few gashes). Side Note: Do you see that wicker peacock twin headboard I found at an antique shop? I have no idea what I am going to do with it, but it was too cute not to purchase. (Here’s a link to one being sold on Amazon.)

Since completing B’s room (reveal post is coming soon!), we’ve been hesitant to start a new project. We originally planned to tackle the office, but some of the materials were delayed and we needed to make sure that my crazy idea would actually work before investing in cabinetry.

After the office plans were delayed, I thought we could work on the laundry room. I have most of the supplies already, but then something happened — our huge order of flooring came in. BAM! Two pallets and almost 4,000 lbs of white oak.

It’s more flooring than I expected and it hit me just how big of a project the flooring is going to be. We anticipate working room-by-room, but it stills feels like a lot of work…especially since we’ve never laid hardwood floors before. Nevertheless, I am excited about the project. So I imagine that over the next few months we’ll tackling the floors. We’re starting in our living and dining rooms. They are both rectangular, so they will hopefully be straight forward. We can temporarily not use those rooms while we figure out this whole flooring thing. I’ve already been thinking where to move the furniture to being the process.

I have a couple of other small projects that will be happening while we are laying the floors. Mostly wrapping up smaller things around the house just never seem to get done and organizing/de-cluttering. There will still be fun content and I’ve decided to commit to posting every Tuesday and Thursday! Please come visit to see what kind of crazy stuff we’re getting into.

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