The Home & Garden Television Line Up I want to see

I know that everyone loves a good before and after (so do I!), but lately I’ve been craving a different type of home television. I want shows with more information, a slower pace and less drama. Here are the 10 shows I would like to watch right now.

  • Restore Design: This would be a modern take on This Old House. The show would focus on renovations and restorations of older homes with a designer’s perspective. Each episode would go through one room and would show viewers how to do things like scrape windows, repair floors or install a window. This will appeal to millennials who love Instagram’s “Cheap Old Houses” and have the gumption and desire to DIY things.
  • Designer to Mogul: This television show would interview designers who leveraged their design careers into multi-faceted and successful businesses. Each episode would tell a brief history of their business and how they diversified and grew. It would include the struggles and the process. Each episode will focus on a different designer (or maybe each season could focus on one or two designers). Designers could include: Shea McGee, Sheila Bridges, Amber Lewis Interiors, Joanna Gaines, Justina Blakeney, Caitlin Wilson Design and many more. It will focus on how creatives can utilize their skills to build successful businesses. It will be of interest to aspiring designers and/or business-minded individuals.
  • Com Design: This show would focus on commercial designs including hotels, restaurants, retail, hospitals and more. Karin Bonn would be a great host and each episode could follow her in the various commercial design projects that her agency designs and oversees. I would like the entire seasons to focus on one or two design projects. This would (hopefully!) give each project enough time to get into the weeds of some of the nitty gritty details.
  • Lush Yards: This would follow a landscape designer when working with both residential and commercial clients. It would demonstrate how she designs the space, why she picks certain plants and how to care for the design over the long term. It would be an education on plants, design and curb appeal.
  • Town Revival: Okay, this one is a bit out there but give me a chance to explain. This show would include experts like economists, city planners, educators and other community stakeholders that come together to reinvigorate small cities or towns. There are so many things that go into building a successful community. It would talk about economics, education, mental health, community wellness and employment. I WANT to see this show. I think bringing opportunities to smaller towns will bring more diverse voices into the world. It would have a similar vibe as Strong Towns. Heck, maybe the Strong Towns people could create this show. Seriously, pretty please create this show. I think it would be so fascinating!
  • Textile School: Textiles are all around us and play a role in our everyday life. Textile School will introduce the different types of textiles, what they are used for, how to care for them and advances in the industry. Viewers will learn how to pick the right fabric for their homes, clothing and more.
  • Creative Communities: This television show would focus on how different cities, towns or organizations are fostering creativity through education, programming and business. It would cover a wide variety of topics and types of creativity. Each episode could explore a different community and how it’s supporting the arts and creativity. For example, one episode could explore San Jose’s Creative Industries Incentives Fund and businesses/projects that were supported by this grant.
  • The Wood Shop: The wood shop would follow a carpenter as he creates unique and beautiful wood furniture. It would provide an education on how to design and execute wood working projects.
  • Creative E.P. : Creative E.P. follows entrepreneurs in creative fields. It would focus on the entrepreneurial process (hence E.P.) and talk about running a business at various stages.
  • Behind Closed Doors: This is a dorky show about “how the sausage is made.” Every episode would go behind the scenes of different careers/industries and talk about how it works. It’s kind of like “How’s it made” but for industries/careers. It could have episodes that focus on interior design process, styling for magazines, how to make a TV show, starting a business, how to get a book published, how to make wallpaper, how to start a design line, how to start a podcast, how to style a room and on and on.

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