A Quick Spray Paint Project

I wanted a huge cork board in B’s room so he could display his drawings and pictures. I ordered a 36″ x 60″ cork board from OfficeSupply.com and waited patiently until it arrived. I’ve never ordered from OfficeSupply.com, so I was surprised when it took over a month for the order to be shipped. None the less the cork board is here and is the perfect size!

I planned on hanging it vertically, like it’s shown above. The only problem was the aluminum frame didn’t really go with anything else in his room and the name written on the frame would give away that it was meant to be hung horizontally. The cork board felt like it should be in an office or school rather than a bedroom. However there’s an easy way to fix it – Spray Paint!

I used frog tape and white printer paper to cover the cork and prepare it for painting. I decided a satin pure black frame would look good in B’s room. I went through a spray painting phase about 10 years ago where I sprayed all types of things – hooks, picture frames, you name it–I tried to spray it. I felt pretty confident that the cork board would come out well. I used Krylon Fusion-All-In-One Spray paint.

After the corkboard was taped up, I wiped it down to ensure it was clean and began spraying it. I sprayed it in the paint box my husband built when I sprayed B’s desk.

You want to apply the spray paint in thin, even coats. My first few coats always look like a disaster. I sprayed the board upright to get full coverage on the front. I then laid it on the floor to paint the sides.

I am not sure how many coats I did–maybe 5 on the front and sides? I let it dry over night. Peeling away the frog tape was the most satisfying part of the project. I wish I would have recorded it.

Now the board is waiting to be hung. B’s room is almost done and hopefully next week I’ll show you the final room reveal.

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