October Link Up

The first presidential debate was a train wreck. Watching it conjured up all kinds of emotions – anger, disgust, disappointment, exhaustion. I can’t imagine two more debates or 4 more years with Trump as president. I know that we can do better and we should expect more from our leaders.

Banksy Does New York is a fun documentary that followed Banksy’s 30 day residency in New York City in 2013. Every day he introduced a new piece of art and New Yorkers would go on a hunt to locate it.

Dolly Parton is a mastermind. At 74 years old, she is still in the zeitgeist and better than ever. Netflix announced that Dolly will star in the movie musical, “Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square,” which will be released on November 22nd. As a huge Dolly fan, I will be watching. (I briefly talked about my love of Dolly here and every time I encounter her I am uplifted by her spirit. She is something special and I hope this Netflix special can capture her magic.)

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