September Link Up

Source 1 – Look 7 | Source 2 – Look 16| Source 3– Look 2

Stella Jean Collection: There are people who instantly inspire me and Stella Jean is one of them. I recently became acquainted with her fashion and every single piece intrigues and inspires me. I love that she mixes bold colors and patterns. I’ve linked her Spring 2014 collection because it’s my favorite but everything she does is so good.

Why we should worry about our bananas? This article gives you a little banana history (I found it really interesting) and talks about how bananas are currently fighting their own pathogen (TR4). The end of the article has a fun video and links to other articles to learn more.

A 3D-Printed Two Story House: I’m fascinated by the idea of 3D-printing houses. Is it the way of the future? Check out this test house and the video that documented how it was made.

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