Reading & Writing Resources for At-Home Learning – Elementary Aged Kids

Remote learning turned my house upside down last year! It was kind of a mess with me trying to education my son while working full time. I know I was exhausted by the end and I’m sure my son felt the same way. As schools are reopening for the fall, I thought I would share some of the resources I found helpful.

Reading & Literature

Storyline Online (Website, free): The Screen Actors guild created this website where famous actors read books online. It’s completely free and has a wide range of books to choose from.

StoryNory (Podcast, Free): This is a free weekly story podcast for kids. My son’s favorite is The Old Woman Who Lost her Dumpling.

Kanopy Kids (Website/App, Free with Library Card): Kanopy Kids offers a curated website of videos for kids. Many of the videos are animated versions of children’s books. You can also set parental controls.

BookFlix (Website, Free with Library Card): This website is ran by scholastic and breaks books down into categories (i.e. Animals, Nature, Celebrations etc). Each category has different modules that include a video to watch and a book to read to reinforce the material. It also contains games to play related to the book and links to learn more if your child is interested.

TumbleBooks (Website, Free with Library Card): Similiar to BookFlix or Kanopy kids, Tumble books offers a slew of books that are read to your children and are typically animated. They also have books for more advance readers and the children can read the books independently online.

TumbleMath (Website, Free with Library Card): I’m guessing this is the sister site to TumbleBooks. It features books about, you guessed it, math!

Free Children Stories (Website, Free): This website offers a combination of videos of animated picture books and just printed text of other books.

Poetry Foundation (Website, Free): When B was in kindergarten, he would bring home a new poem to read to us every week. To keep his interest in poetry, I wanted to find some resources and the poetry foundation provides free poems and breaks them down into different categories based on age, form and topic. Maybe as a mom or dad you could also find something that interests you.

Poetry For Kids (Website, Free): This is my favorite poetry website for kids because it has a huge list of funny poems. Poems are in print or can be read to the student. A couple of my son’s favorite: I Stuck My Finger Up My Nose and I Think I’m In Love with My Smart Phone.


Journal Buddies (Website, Free) – A website that has tons of journals prompts that are broken down by grade.

All Kid’s Network (Website, Free) – A ton of writing worksheets are available to download for free. They have something for every level and grade. It includes simple things like circling pictures with letter sounds to grammar worksheets for older children.

ThinkWritten (Website, Free) – Another list of free journal prompts.

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