Design Files: All Over Pattern

I have a word document with a list of different design ideas that I would like to try one day. One of those ideas is labeled “All over Pattern.” I know that’s not very clear, but what I mean is repeated use of the same pattern on multiple elements. Since a picture is worth a thousands words, the photo below will do a much better job demonstrating what I’m trying to explain. The design by Jeffrey Billhuber feels like a classic example of “All over pattern.”

Designer: Jeffrey Bilhuber

It’s a bold statement and not for the faint of heart. It can feel dizzying if the eye doesn’t have a place to land. But with the right balance it creates a big impact, makes the room special and can have a timeless feel.

Designer: Howard Slatkin | Publication Source: Out East

Of course, this design choice can be tamed by repeating the pattern less frequently or incorporating related patterns to break things up. The designer Libby Cameron does an amazing job of this below. The green gingham corresponds well to the dominate floral pattern on the wall and chair.

Designer: Libby Cameron | Publication Source: Traditional Home

Aerin Lauder, the granddaughter of Este Lauder and CEO of her own merchandise empire, has a clear affinity for the all over pattern. Take a peak at her Instagram and you’ll spy a couple of examples. Below is a shot of her bedroom. This picture is from Elle Decor but she has several other photos of the bedroom on Instagram.

Aerin Lauder Bedroom| Publication Source: Elle Decor | Photographer: Simon Upton

Aerin also used an all over pattern in her family room. The walls curtains and couch (or is that a chair?) all appear to have the same pattern.

Source: Aerin Instagram

A variation of this style is to use the same pattern but in a different scale.The Hotel Peter and Paul did a wonderful job using green gingham repeatedly but with varying scales. You should check out the design firm’s website to get a glimpse of the other rooms in the hotel that follows a similar approach.

Source: Hotel Peter & Paul | Designer: ASH NYC

What do you think of this design idea? Are you scared? Intrigued? The more I look at these photos, the more empowered I am to try it. This idea is definitely a reminder to be bold and just go for something big.

Want more inspiration? I’ve found the following Instagram accounts have excellent examples of this idea: Mark D Sikes , Jared Hughes Design, Libby Cameron, Whitney McGregor and Aerin Lauder. Let me know if you know of any other designers that employ the “all over pattern” approach.

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