Funny Artwork

For a long time, I found curating artwork in my house challenging. I didn’t know what was “good” and I didn’t know where I could find art besides big box stores or small art shows. Eventually I just leaned into putting things on the wall that made me happy. Oh and the internet definitely helped with finding art.

My art preferences generally fall into 3 or 4 categories, one of which is “funny artwork.” It’s usually quirky and weird but makes me smile. While looking for art for my son’s room, I came across several pieces that I thought were fun. I love finding art on Etsy or Society6 because you can connect and follow the artist/curator which usually means finding more stuff that you like.

Below are 8 prints that are especially fun for a kid’s room.

  1. Rock and Roll Skeleton Art Print: This skeleton looks happy and like he’s ready to party. The print is created by Original DNA Plus who has a wide range of prints of skeletons doing everything from riding a bike to kissing.
  2. Rainbow Cat Art Print: This cute print is by the illustrator Lim Heng Sweet. I love the playfulness of the design and the movement of the cats. Their rainbow bodies make the cats feels youthful and a little magical.
  3. Burger Plant: The burger plant makes me smile every time. It’s silly and nonsensical, but totally works! Jonas Loose has a ton of other quirky prints that will make you smile.
  4. Pug Yoga Art Print: Chalermphol Harnchakkham is an illustrator that has a whole series of different animals/things doing yoga. It’s silly and can be especially fun for a kid if they have a connection to one of those animals (like the pug).
  5. Sassquatch Art Print: Bigfoot is funny enough but add a little attitude and sassquatch is a home run. Sophie Corrigan is a children’s book illustrator who has a fun sense of humor that completely comes out in her art. She has so many prints that are silly and totally kid appropriate.
  6. Brilliant Disguise- Goldfish with Shark Fin: I love everything about this print. The concept, the colors and the realism. Vin Zzep has a very sweet bio on his Society6 page that talks about his journey to becoming a full time artist. If you love this print, then you’ll surely enjoy his other quirky art.
  7. Living in Reality art Print: Side Dimes takes classic paintings and make them modern by adding elements of current culture. I like this lady with her red and blue 3D glasses. I think we’d be friends.
  8. Party Cat Printable: I want this print to be titled Grumpy Cat has a birthday. Frankie Print Co has a ton of other prints (and other home decor items!) that would work well in a kid’s room.

I’ve already purchased #4 and #6 for my son’s room (his picks!). Which one do you love?

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