August Link Up

How Learning Emotional Skills Can Help Boys Become Men: As a mother to a son, I’m aware that boys tend to hold back their emotions, often feeling the only allowable emotions are humor and anger. A teacher took notice of the boys in his class and gave them a safe space to talk about their worries and weaknesses. This club for boys eventually turned into a nonprofit to help other schools start similar programs and encourage the development of boys.

Jimmy O. Yang: Good Deal: Jimmy’s stand up comedy special is exactly what I needed this month. I stopped watching it half way through because I wanted to watch it with my husband. I sat through the first half again and laughed just as hard the second time. My favorite part is when he discusses his dad.

Dance Your Way to Wellness: When my son was three years old, he said to me, “we need to dance everyday.” Amen! There have been periods of my life where I danced everyday and my mood was improved, my health was better and my mind felt clearer. I’m so glad to hear that the research is documenting the benefit of dance. Check out the article if you want to know more about the research. My favorite way to dance as an adult is Just Dance (Nintendo Switch).

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