Entry Reveal: Phase 1 Complete

We finally completed the entry, well, phase 1 anyway! This “quick” project ended up lasting a few weeks longer than anticipated since I had to sand down the console table and figure out how to attach a veneer top. In addition, I had to buy a new mirror because the one I originally, hastily purchased was too small (forehead slap) and just didn’t look right in the space.

Mirror | Lamp | Tray | Console Table | Ottomans

But, as people often say, it was worth the wait. I’m really happy with how the entry turned out. There are so many things in this room that I love. I’m not sure I could pinpoint a favorite element. So, I guess I’ll highlight all the things. ha! I have to start with the console table, because it was a labor of love. Can I just admit something real quick? Sanding furniture is relaxing. It’s rhythmic and completely satisfying. So, while the console table needed to be sanded it, I ended up enjoying it for the most part. It wasn’t until I discovered part of the table top was actually particle board that I started to feel anxious about the project. Like most things in life though, lemons often turn into lemonade. It made me learned a new skill (attaching veneer) and the table top looks good! The only thing that struck me is that although I ordered Elm wood (the material the console table is made of), the color of the veneer is slightly different than the rest of the table. It’s not a something that bothers me, but I am hoping that the veneer will dull a little to blend seamlessly with the rest of the table.

Mirror | Lamp | Tray | Console Table | Ottomans

Under the beloved console are two blue plaid ottomans that store shoes. Yay! Storage was a requirement for the entry, so I’m glad I found something that was beautiful and functional. I love the classic, plaid pattern of the fabric. It feels timeless but adds personality and a jolt of color to the space. I like that the console table’s line are simple and straight, while the legs on the ottoman are turned and slightly darker. It makes the space feel collected. I was so dedicated to making this console table work because it fits perfectly on this wall. It’s like it was made for it and these two ottomans fit perfectly underneath of it. The table is shorter than a typical console table and storage ottomans are a little smaller than most, so finding all the pieces that work perfectly took some time.

Console Table | Ottomans

The chinoiserie table lamp was a last minute additional to the original design plan and I was nervous since I had never purchased anything in that style before. Would I get sick of it? Would it be too distracting? While I liked how it looked on the mood board, I wasn’t sure it would translate in real life. It turns out that it works–I love the whimsical but classic feeling of the lamp. In addition, the blue coloring corresponds well to the ottomans and other features in the room, like the umbrella holder and artwork.

Mirror | Lamp | Tray | Console Table

Speaking of the umbrella stand, this is the view looking at the front door from the hallway that leads to the kitchen and you can see the new chinoiserie umbrella holder and some pretty pink and blue artwork. The umbrella holder surprised me. I ordered it off Amazon and it was only ~$50, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I removed it from the packaging I was impressed. It’s heavy, the pattern is beautiful and it has a wonderful quality.

Print | Frame | Umbrella Holder | Jute Rug

The pattern on the umbrella stand is different from the lamp but , again, it adds to the collective feel of the room while also making it feeling cohesive. I particularly like the border around the top and bottom. Above the umbrella stand is an art print by illustrator Alexandra Bowman. Over the last couple of years, I’ve started gardening, so this feels like a little nod to that hobby.

Print | Frame | Umbrella Holder

Here is a close up of the print. I love that she’s gardening in her bathing suite, although I have yet to go outside in my bathing suite to garden, I’ve definitely ran out in my night gown (yes, I feel like a 65 year old woman writing that) to water my plants early in the morning. The wall space below the print feels is missing something. I haven’t figured out what to put there-maybe another print or something to hold keys? I’m not sure yet, but I’ll know it when I see it.

Print | Frame

Now this next photo is the most boring in the whole post. The view from the living room changed 0%, except I tried to straighten the picture. I think I succeeded but I’m really not sure. Let’s just move on…

Ah, the view from the office is much better! I sit in here a lot working on the computer, so I was looking forward to having something new to stare at while I’m procrastinating. Looking out at the new set up makes my heart happy and reminds me of where I am going as I am often planning the other rooms in the house while looking at this view.

Mirror | Lamp | Tray | Console Table | Ottomans

As I mentioned above, I had originally purchased a different mirror, which was also a totally different mirror than I had in the original design plan. In an attempt to save money, I ran to a local store and picked something with similar characteristics without measuring it (rookie mistake). The minute we held the mirror up to hang it, I knew that it was wrong. Of course, I made my husband hang it anyway just to confirm how much I disliked it. He was a total sport and hung it, but after having it up for less than one day, I started searching for something different. This time I measured the wall and measured the mirror I had purchased (27.5 inch diameter) and determined that the smallest size mirror I could buy is 32 inch diameter and the largest 36 inches.

Mirror | Tray | Console Table | Ottomans

I went back to my mood board and decided that I should bite the bullet and buy the mirror I had originally planned. It was 33 inches in diameter, so it would look great in the space. I went to Ballard Designs’ website and searched but I couldn’t find it (it was on clearance when I originally found it). I eventually found a working link and it confirmed that the braided natural mirror was sold out. Boo, but it also served me right for not following through on my original plan.

Mirror | Tray | Console Table

I was back at square one with my original mirror no longer available. I tried to find a mirror with a similar braided pattern but nothing really caught my eye. As I was shopping, I pinned several options that I liked. I soon realized I pinned the same mirror three times. I examined and re-examined it. I measured it, but I hesitated. I, again, almost ordered another mirror because I wanted to save money. But then I just broke down and realized I should buy the mirror I want. I couldn’t be happier. It has a 36 inch diameter, so it’s the maximum size for the space, and I love the woven rattan. It adds a nice texture and the woven pattern is very pretty. You can see a close up of the pattern above. It’s a nice quality and adds some interest to the space.

Mirror | Lamp | Tray | Console Table | Ottomans

Opening the front door to this view is a wonderful introduction to our house and it makes me happy every day. (Don’t mind the front door. It’s in desperate need of a new coat of paint). If you want more information and details on the plans for phase 2, check out this post.

Mirror | Lamp | Tray | Console Table | Ottomans

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