Amazon House: Laundry Room

I’m back with my design for the Amazon House Laundry Room. The concept came together quickly and easily. As a reminder, this is a fictional room that I’m designing using only materials that can be purchased from Amazon. The features of the room (size, window/door placement, etc.) are based on an existing house.

The layout was straightforward, as it was dictated by the location of the washer and dryer hook ups. In the room, I added two cabinets above the appliances and some open shelving above the utility sink. Across from the appliances, I placed a wood peg rack that can hold necessary cleaning supplies.

I used this beautiful green wallpaper as the jumping off point for the design. The paper has illustrations of flowering trees with fruit and birds. It feels really traditional and classic. I decided to use black cabinets with natural wood pulls to make the space feel more modern.. The cabinets correspond well with the black utility sink (I love a durable, plastic utility sink in the laundry room). The flooring is a classic black and white marble basketweave tile. The Electrolux washer and dryer are a charcoal gray color that fit well with the other dark elements of the room. I would use a natural wood butcher block for a counter top and shelves. A white and natural woven rug will correspond well to the laundry basket and wood drying rack. Lastly, a fun minty green canister set will bring in some color.

1. Wallpaper 2. Black Cabinet 3. Wood Pulls 4. Washer/Dryer Units 5. Basketweave Tile 6. Laundry Rack 7. Canisters 8. Rug-similar (other one could not be found) 9. Basket 10. Butcher Block 11. Black Utility Sink

I’m only going to show the elevation of wall 3 since you can see almost all of the design elements here. I would use the butcher block to create a counter over the appliances, which will gives a nice place to fold and hold laundry temporarily. The shelves above the utility sink would be cut from the butcher block to fill the space between the cabinets and the wall. I placed some gray baskets on two of the shelves. One could be used for lost socks or other trinkets found in clothes or cleaning supplies. The light fixture has natural wood beads and black metal components, so it feels like a natural fit for this room. This ceiling fixture had a weird “tail” that hangs down from the light. I would recommend removing that as I did in the photo shopped image below.

I would add framed floral images that tie in with the wall paper, a cute little wastebasket under the utility sink to collect lint and classic cleaning accessories to complete the room. I really love the adorable round, wood broom and dustpan set. It feels unique and modern but still fits into the space.

1. Wood Bead light Fixture 2. Wood Pegs 3. Duster 4. Mop 5. Broom 6. Mini Sweeper 7. Trashcan 8. Floral Prints 9. Baskets

I was surprised when I calculated the total cost of the room – over $4,000! To be fair, this includes the washer and dryer set which I estimated to cost almost $2,000 for the pair. The butcher block wasn’t exactly cheap ($370), especially considering that I “used” it for the shelving above the utility sink. I could have definitely purchased cheaper wood from the local hardware store and save probably $300! The tile was also pretty expensive for this small room ($582). I know that you could have found a similar tile at a big box store for a lot less, so that could be another cost saving option. Overall, I love this room.

Cabinets (x2)400
Cabinet Pulls (x4)23.16
Baskets (x3)45
Utility Sink219.99
Tile (x 11)582
Wallpaper199.5Estimated 5 Roles
Floral Images18.99
Washer/Dryer1899Out of Stock (Price is a guess)
Laundry Basket30.58
Handheld broom40Out of Stock (Price is a guess)
Wood Peg12.88

I’m not sure what’s up next…maybe the living room?

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