Random Project Updates

FOYER: The foyer is “in progress” as I still need to put a veneer on the top of the console table. I received the Elm veneer last week but realized that 1) I couldn’t buy the glue to attach the veneer locally and 2) I couldn’t use two small pieces of veneer to create the size I needed (it’s not recommended with this type of glue/attachment method). Oye. I placed another order for a larger piece of veneer and the glue. I’m hoping that it will arrive soon and we can complete the table this week. We completely sanded off the old veneer, so the surface is prepped and ready to go. Small victories! 🙂

Here are a couple of sneak peaks of various pieces for the foyer.

TABLE: Remember that cute little table I was trying to refinish a couple of weeks ago? Well I’ve done as much as I could with a sander but I’m at a stand still with how to tackle the nooks and crannies. I’ve just bought a set of wire brushes, so I hope that I can apply some paint strippers and use the brushes to remove the last bits of paint. The table top is another conundrum. I’ve sanded the entire thing and it looks better but there is a lot of damage. I don’t mind the look of it–it definitely adds character but I would like to actually use the table, so the uneven surface would be difficult to write on. I’m considering just trying wood filler, and seeing how that looks. If it’s bad, I guess I could put a piece of veneer on top. Thoughts/suggestions?

NEW PROJECT: Since the foyer project will (hopefully) be coming to a close soon, Jer and I started our next project this weekend. It was mostly just demoing and prepping the room. Here’s a sneak peak of what we’re working on now.


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