June Link Up

Ron Finley Teaches Gardening: I just started this MasterClass and was touched by Ron Finley’s story and commitment to gardening, especially in urban settings where food deserts are typical. Ron is direct and has a casual communication style. Check it out if you’re interested in gardening or just want to hear his story. I learned a ton and definitely plan on implementing his suggestions!

Foot Peel Mask: My husband and I did these foot peel masks a few weeks ago and they are awesome! To use the mask just soak your feet in water and then wear the foot peel booties that are filled with chemicals (exfoliants?) for an hour or so (check the directions). Within a week, your feet will start to peel and reveal amazingly soft and smooth skin. I typically have monster feet with cracked and scaly looking skin, so I was surprised when this actually worked! (Note: you really need to soak your feet everyday after the peel to get the best results).

Never Have I Ever: Mindy Kaling’s new netflix show is the best. I blew through season one in about three days and can’t believe it’s going to be a year before I get to watch season 2. The coming of age teen show is perfect with humor, romance and humanity.

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