Sun Shine: April Link Up

Spring has been playing peek-a-boo for the last couple of weeks with a nice, warm day followed by rain and cold temperatures. I’m ready for the sun to shine. Here are a few things that have brighten up my days.

Open Book: Jessica Simpson’s memoir is a juicy little number. I watched all three seasons of Newlyweds, so this was a fun and interesting read that took me back to my college days. She didn’t hold back acknowledging her own flaws and flaws of others in her life. I couldn’t put the book down and completed it in one day!

Anne Hathaway in Becoming Jane and One Day has kept me company during the quarantine.

Little Big Snake: I’m not a huge gamer. Okay, I’m not a gamer at all but when my husband introduced me to this game, I was all in. It’s a simple internet game where you start out as this little snake and by eating bugs and other snakes you get larger. You are also competing to get the most crowns, which you accumulate either by killing the big snakes with crowns or becoming a very big snake. It’s a great distraction.

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