Amazon Challenge Part 2: Boy’s Bedroom

The next room I tackled for the “Amazon Challenge” was the boy’s room. I imagined an 8 or 9 year old boy who still has some toys, loves to read, draw/paint and build things with Lego. He’s really into architecture and buildings (those are his preferred Lego sets). His bedroom will need to serve as his play area, a study/work area, a place to store clothes and, of course, to sleep. The boy didn’t give much in the way of style suggestions other than he loves red and blue. His parents, like with the girls room, wants his space to grow with him.

The room is smaller and has a closet that protrudes into the space, so this room is not a perfect square. It has a single window on the wall across from the entry door. I tried several different floor plans but none felt right immediately. Ultimately, I decided on the floor plan below, but by utilizing the same furniture, this room can be moved around in a few other configurations without a problem. This layout utilizes two main walls (wall 2 and 3) for furniture and decor. The other two walls are left blank which felt important since this room is so small. I didn’t want to fill it so full that it felt uncomfortable or cramped.

The jumping off point for this room was the toile wallpaper that displays different structures and buildings from Florence, Italy. The entire room will be wallpapered, so the room will have a nice navy blue and white base. The furniture are various wood tones but all of them feel a little raw with the exception of the bed. Although blue and white are the predominate colors in the room (the wall paper, rug etc), I brought in red which gives the room interest and made it feel more balanced.

1. Toile Wallpaper 2. Lamp 3. Nightstand 4. Knob 5. Rug 6. Checked Sheets 7. Quilt Set 8. Bed 9. Checked Pillow 10. Blue Pillow 11. Beige Pillow 12. Ceiling Light 13. Cork Board 14. Hamper 15. Red Bamboo Blinds 16. Bendy Desk Lamp 17. Desk 18. Dresser 19. Prints 20. Desk Chair

I modeled the room and included the two main wall elevations (wall 2 and 3). I’ve kept the proportions of the furniture correct but the art work was altered to look appropriate for the space.

On wall 2 I have the bed, night stand and desk. Hanging above the desk are two cork boards, so that the little boy could pin up his latest artwork. The bendy lamp shaped like a person adds whimsy and would be something fun for the boy to fidget with. Hanging above his bed is a Lego poster. His nightstand was kept minimal with just a simple, small lamp. The main ceiling light in this room is a standard drum light with an oil rubbed bronze finish. It feel masculine but still simple.

Wall three has the closet that protrudes into the room. As most little boys don’t have a ton of clothes, I proposed that we use a simple cube storage system to store toys and books. This wall also holds his long dresser. Above the dresser are two bridge prints (both larger than what is linked above). The dresser has a London Architecture Lego set and a fun book ends that is suppose to be Hogwarts from Harry Potter. I also put the hamper close to the dresser. It looks like it’s in the middle of the room, but as a mother of a son, I have found it is best to keep the laundry basket as close to the dresser as possible. An alternative location could be the closet.

1. Cube Storage 2. Cube Baskets 3. Lego Poster 4. London Lego Set 5. Harry Potter Book Ends

Again, I kept the accessories from Amazon. I am especially in love with the Harry Potter book ends. I love that it’s a quiet nod to the story and doesn’t have branding all over it. Lastly, I tallied up the total cost of the room. I spent nearly as much as I did in the Girl’s room— around $3200. There were definitely a couple of splurges in this room–including the dresser and wallpaper. The dresser is currently out of stock but the chest of drawers for the same collection cost near $900, so I estimated that much for the dresser.

Full Bed322.98
Quilt Set58.48
Sheet Set39.99
Wall Paper (15 Rolls)525
Night Stand188.39Out of Stock
Night Stand Pulls26.9510 Pack
Hamper20.99Out of Stock
Cork Board24.99
Cork Board24.99
Bamboo Shade35.99
Bendy Lamp52.9
Desk Chair93
Bridge Prints15.994 Pack
Dresser900Out of Stock*Estimated Price
Check Throw Pillow Covers92 Pack
Throw Pillow Inserts404 Inserts
Blue Throw Pillow Cover10.49
Beige Throw Pillow Cover9.29
Long Throw Pillow Insert10
Cube Storage44.889-Cube
Cube Baskets29.64 Pack
Hogwarts BookEnds24.99
Lego Set72Out of Stock
Lego Print20

The kid’s bathroom is up next. I’ve really been struggling with some of my choices. Let’s see how it ends up.

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