A Quick Post: Re-imagining an Old, Small Home

The coronavirus has shook things up for me and I’ve delayed posting anything as I’m adjusting to this new normal. I hope that everyone is finding security and comfort during this unusual time.

Remember when I shared with you my old hobby of photoshopping houses for sale? Well, I recently found a small, older house for sale that captured my attention. It’s a cape cod, which is in my top three of favorite house styles, but this home has a peculiar front entrance (see below).

Ack!! The asymmetrical, I guess you would call it, vestibule is the only thing I can see when I look at this house. Even the pitch of the roof is asymmetrical. While brainstorming ideas, all I could think about was ripping that thing off and either building a new portico or just having a flat front. However, as I was photoshopping the house I was pleasantly surprised how that annoying feature turned into just a quirk of the house.

As you can tell, I stayed true to my design preferences. The house needed a new roof, so a black, multi-dimension shingle seemed appropriate. The siding would be replaced with a white hardie board siding. The windows (at least in the front) would be replaced with larger, more modern versions. Brick would be added to the visible concrete foundation and the concrete front porch steps would be painted. The photoshopped imaged has a light gray paint on the front steps, but I would much prefer a crisp white paint. I added a window to that vestibule-thing to help balance it out. A larger outdoor light fixture was placed above a new wood front door.

I love boxwood bushes and would line the front of the house with them. I prefer the dwarf or miniature version, so they stay small and compact. Lastly, I would top off the house with rich wood flower boxes under all the first floor windows. I can’t believe how much I love this house–especially since I am a lover of symmetry.

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