March Link Up

The Floor Pro Community: We’re planning on putting hardwood on the first floor of the house and keeping carpet on the second floor. While I was researching carpet, I stumbled upon the Floor Pro Community, a website with a bunch of forums to discuss various topics regarding floors that is ran by individuals who are in the flooring business. I felt the discussions were informative and and a great resource. I particularly liked the discussion on carpet pads.

Dollhouse Beautiful: I had a big beautiful dollhouse that lived in my grandmother’s closet when I was a child. I would spend countless hours playing with it and dreaming about how I would decorate it. As a young adult, I asked my grandmother if I could have it, but she had given it away a few years back. I was heart broken and ever since have considered buying one to relive my childhood fantasy. So when I discovered that House Beautiful had a series of videos on YouTube where they had professional interior designers decorate dollhouses, I was totally hooked. I believe the series just wrapped, so you can go view all 11 dollhouse now. My favorite is by Caitlin Wilson and I love how she promoted a young girl’s dollhouse furniture business. I can’t recommend the series enough.

Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn: I recently ordered booties by Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn and now I’m obsessed. Everything about them is right – the heel height, the cut of the shoe and the comfort. I’m planning on adding a lot more of her stuff to my collection.

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