Favorite YouTube Channels for Interior Design

Updated November 2020 – I have found a few other interior design related YouTube channels and added them to the list!

I do not have HGTV which is probably a good thing because I’m definitely more productive when I’m not watching 10 hours of HGTV a week. Sometimes I buy specific shows that I like on Amazon. For example, Fixer Upper is a great show to re-watch and I find that even season 1 (7 years ago!) holds up. I also have purchased Sarah Richardson’s latest show, Sarah Off the Grid and binged watched it.

However, I do miss home design related television. It’s a nice way to relax for me and it continues to feed my interests. So I’m delighted to have found 6 9 YouTube channels that satisfy my design cravings.

Studio McGee: Studio McGee is the YouTube Channel of interior designer Shea McGee, a Utah-based interior designer who’s design business started in 2014. You’ve probably seen her work on Instagram and all over the web. Her designs are known for their clean, bright and modern aesthetic. Her YouTube channel contains short tours of her recently completed designs, tips on design-related topics and behind the scenes of her store merchandise catalog shoots. The videos are professional with great images, lighting and sound. You will not be disappointed with the quality of the production or her designs.

Sarah Richardson: Sarah is an interior designer based out of Toronto and had several shows including Sarah’s House, Sarah Off the Grid and others on HGTV. With all of her experience it’s no wonder that her YouTube channel is by far one of my favorites. The episodes show you a variety of different things – a first meeting with a client, mid project site visits and, of course, the completed project. I love that the episodes feel more casual than her HGTV shows. The production quality of the videos are usually very good, the designs are fun and Sarah’s family and co-workers add so much personality.

House & Home: This is the YouTube channel of the House & Home magazine, a Canadian-based publication. The episodes are usually short tours of designed rooms or even full houses. Occasionally they’ll have other videos- like simple DIYs or a behind the scenes look at the Toronto Interior Design Show. The design style is rather eclectic, so there is something for everybody here.

Architectural Digest: The iconic magazine has brought to life a fun YouTube channel that focuses on the rich and fancy homes of celebrities and other people with a lot of money. Their videos are usually house tours of homes that cost millions of dollars or celebrity home tours which is reminiscent of MTV Cribs. My favorite episodes are the celebrity tours. The videos are eye candy but don’t really contain much information about the design or materials. The quality and sound is top notch. One episode that sticks out is the tour of Tyler Perry’s studios in Atlanta. It is fascinating and beautiful. I can’t recommend it enough.

Three Bird Renovations: This channel follows the design and renovation projects of three Australian friends. It seems like it could be an HGTV show with a good amount of story telling and before/after shots of big projects in one episode. The ladies are lively and fun as are their designs.

Karin Bohn: Karin is a Vancouver-based interior designer who owns a design firm that takes on both residential and commercial clients. Her YouTube channel focuses on her career as an interior designer but will occasionally include personal things like getting a facial or a behind-the-scenes look at a photo shoot. I look forward to Karin’s videos, which usually drops every Monday. My favorite episodes include a design review meeting or any type of commercial project. This channel is definitely the most v-log like, but Karin is sweet, knowledgeable and talented. It gives you a glimpse into the real life of an interior designer and will be informative and beautiful.

House Beautiful (Added Nov 2020): I can’t believe I didn’t include this on my original list. The American Magazine’s YouTube channel has a wide variety of videos. They have home tours and design conversations, but one of my favorite series is “Beautiful Things.” This series interviews artisans and discusses how their products are produced (one video is about Mirth Studio, which you may remember have my favorite floor tiles).

Kinwoven (Added Nov 2020): This channel follows the mom and daughter interior design duo behind Kinwoven. Rebecca Robeson, the mother, seems to be the primary interior designer. She’ll take you on site visits, show before and after pictures, discuss her personal life and give design tips. Rebecca has a big personality and clearly enjoys her job. Her daughter and her husband will be featured occasionally, but they actually have their own channel (see below).

The Kinwoven Home (Added Nov 2020): This is the channel of Sharrah and her husband (from Kinwoven). This channel feels more DIY with Sharrah walking you through the redesign and decorating of her new house. Her designs are youthful and approachable.

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