2019 – Easy & Affordable Stocking Stuffers

Every year I frantically run out a few days before Christmas to pick up stocking stuffers. Somehow, I always forget them and never know what to buy when I do go to the store. This year is different. I made a plan and I’m ordering those gifts early. No last minute Target run where I’m just throwing anything willy-nilly into my cart that looks compact enough to fit into a stocking.

  1. Partstock Business Card Holder $8.99: This adorable card holder is perfect for the established executive or a young lady just starting her first job. It will make her look and feel professional. It comes in 8 colors, so her personality can shine.
  2. Winter Headbands- 4 pack $9.99: I love a good knit headband and this four pack can be split up among four people if desired.
  3. Marshmallow Earbuds $12.96: These are my favorite headphones. The foam ear tips are comfortable and stay put even when running or working out. In addition, they have a pretty good microphone, so you could use them to talk on the phone if needed.
  4. Fashionable Luggage Tags $9.99: These green luggage tags look sophisticated and can up the style of any luggage. They also comes in 9 colors.
  5. Watercolor Pan Set $7.38: This is the easiest pan set for either the beginning artist or a great travel set for an established one. I’ve had this set for years. I love the colors and quality.
  6. Portable, Fast Charging Power Bank $21.99: I own this charger and am very impressed. It does exactly what it says and last for several days after one charge.
  7. Small Crossbody Bag $23.99-29.99-: I’ve been craving a simple bag to use on the go. These days all I need is room for a few of my credit cards, cell phone and chap stick. This small leather number feels like it would do the trick. It comes in multiple colors but this camel brown has my heart.
  8. Travel Pores Be Pure Mud Mask $2.99: I adore a good face mask and for the price you can’t beat it!
  9. 4pk Bangle Circle Key Chain $16.98: I’ve been seeing these key chains everywhere…so I bought one and love it! I’m confident it’ll make searching for my keys in my purse a lot easier.
  10. Fitbit Charge 3 Leather Band $10.99: This band makes the Fitbit Charge 3 look like a regular watch. I’ve owned it for several months, wear it everyday and it still looks brand new. I can’t recommend it enough.
  11. 9 Pack Genuine Leather Earrings $10.99: 9 gorgeous earrings for around 10 bucks – Sold!
  1. Men’s Business Card Holder $6.49: Every guy will feel confident keeping their business cards in this case. No more pulling out bent cards.
  2. Halo bolt Charger and Car Jump Starter $119.99: I purchased this for my husband last year and I.am.impressed. The charge is very long lasting, it has a regular electrical plug, can jump start a car and more!
  3. Fitbit Charge 3 Metal Band $16.99: This black metal band is masculine and professional enough to wear to business meetings.
  4. Ron Swanson Dishwasher Magnet $9.99: It’s funny, it’s functional and it has Ron Swanson. Enough said.
  5. Fun Shark Tie $24.95: This tie is fun but not in-your-face kinda fun where everyone thinks you’re a jokester. It can easily be worn in any setting.
  6. Novelty Saw Tie Clip ~$7.00: A simple and inexpensive way to add a little personality to your man’s business attire. The saw would be great for a contractor, carpenter or DIYer. Check out the link for other options including an airplane, nail, car and lightening bolt (for all those Harry Potter fans).
  7. Funny Boxers $15.99: My son and husband are always joking about farts. It’s gross, but I know they’ll both laugh when unwrapping these boxers.
  8. Unstable Unicorn Card Game $19.97: A fun card game is always a win.
  9. Digital Meat Thermometer $14.99: I love this thermometer because it has a meat temperature guide printed directly on it. I cannot tell you how times I have to google “temperature of cooked chicken.” It’s just plain smart.
  10. Super slim wallet with D-Link $8.99: This easy wallet can be attached to a key chain or lanyard for easy access.
  1. 3 Pack Silly Putty $5.97: My son has been asking for silly putty. I don’t understand the hype but we’ll see what he does with it.
  2. Plus-Plus Triceratops $7.99: I think Plus-Plus is so fun and simple. They have tons of different kits and they inspire imagination, creativity and problem solving.
  3. 3 Pack Pokemon Cards $10.72: My son is obsessed with Pokeman cards and has said it’s all he really wants for Christmas. For $5/pack, I think that’s an easy way to make a big impact.
  4. Beyblades $9.97: We have our own Beyblades battles at home. It surprisingly keeps my son occupied for hours. In addition, when you have more than one you can start mixing and matching the different components to create the best Beyblade possible.
  5. Mini Crystal Dig $4.99: For any boy who loves rocks and to break things apart.
  6. Bakugon $5.86: These little figurines are a lesson in origami. Each of the “animals” fold up into a ball and will open when they encounter a magnet.
  7. Mini portable key chain game system $10.48: A compact and portable little game system with over 150 retro-style games. My husband and son are both going to love this.
  8. Pin Art Board $14.98: I loved these pin boards as a kid and now the next generation can see what the contours of their face looks like on it.
  9. Stickers $6.99: Stickers make everything a little funner.
  10. Magnetic travel Game $7.99: This tangram game is both educational and portable. I believe it’s a great, screen-free travel option.
  11. SkipBo Junior $6.99: A simple and fun family card game.

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