4 Easy Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween! If you’re like me and don’t want to buy a costume that you’ll wear exactly once for Halloween then consider dressing up like a pop culture icon using clothes/accessories that you can use time and time again.

I chose 4 women that I admire to inspire my Halloween costumes. Not only are they women I respect but each has their own personal style that could easily be translated into costumes. Another huge bonus, all of these can be made into couple costumes!

Joanna Gaines: Magnolia Hat, Leather Earrings, Plaid Shirt, Jeans, Sketch Book
Duchess of Sussex: Black Fascinator, Midi Dress (similar, similar), Black Pump, Black Thin Belt, Clutch

First, we have Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper. I chose a plaid button-up shirt to pair with skinny jeans. Throw in some key accessories like the Magnolia Hat (or any distressed baseball hat), leather earrings and a sketchbook to really drive home the look. Dress your hubby in jeans, a demo day t-shirt and tool belt and the couple costume is complete.

Next is Meghan Markle or the Duchess of Sussex. Man, she’s had a rough year with continuous attacks from the press, but that doesn’t stop her from looking fabulous. For her, I recreated the Givenchy dress outfit that she wore to the opening of The Mersey Gateway. I found a dress in blush pink with an adorable capelet that gives the same silhouette. Add a skinny black belt, black pumps and, just for fun, a fascinator to emphasize the British-ness of the costume. Add a man in a slim-fitted suit and a baby for the perfect look.

Mindy Kaling: Earrings, Dress, Clutch, Neon Pumps
Elizabeth Warren: Gold Studs, Rimless Glasses, Black T-Shirt, Black Dress Pants, Blazer

Mindy Kaling is one of my favorite people, not only because she is hilarious, but she has such a fun, colorful approach to fashion. She loves bright colors and doesn’t shy away from patterns. For her costume, I chose a neon yellow, black and pink striped dress with neon yellow shoes and a chevron clutch. Finish the outfit with some hoop earrings and you’re set. Big bonus to anyone who can have their husband dress like BJ Novak and gaze at you with pure love at every chance he gets.

Last, we have Elizabeth Warren. Her look is easy and each piece can be worn in your everyday life. She always wears black dress pants, a black t-shirt and a jewel tone blazer. Add some classic round gold stud earrings and rimless glasses and you’ve got Elizabeth Warren. I think an important accessory for you to include would be your phone. Just walk around with the phone to your mouth calling donors, get all giddy and talk policy with them. If you’re interested in a couple costume, consider her bff Bernie Sanders. His crazy hair and big hands could be fun to recreate.

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